You’re My Cowboy!

You're My Cowboy!

You have no idea how much I like you
You have no idea how much I admire you
How much I respect you
How much I value you
How much I miss you
when I don’t see you
You are always in my mind
I wonder why
You took a place in my heart
I wonder when
When all these happened to me
I write about you all the time
I wonder why
I talk about you when you’re not around
I wonder why

You are my Cowboy
You’re my Prince Charming
You are my immortal Love

Impressed by your Character
Always Kind
Always Calm
And Quiet

Always Classy
Always Clear
And Considerate
A real Cowboy

But me
Always Crazy
Always Crashy
And Carefree

Always Happy
Always Hurry
Always Hasty
And Hopeful

The way you look at me

Makes me feel I’m Home
The way you talk to me
Makes me in a Dream

I pray for you
Always pray for you
To be Blessed
To be Happy
To Protected

Pray for you to be
A better person
A better boss
A better father
A better friend

I Pray for you
To be always on top
To be always the best

Every girl has a Cowboy
And you’re my Cowboy
Every girl has a Knight
And you’re my Knight
You’re always standing by my side
I’m attracted to you and can’t hide
I adore you and can’t hide
I fell for you from the first sight
I fell for you from the first sight

I belong to you
That’s true
That’s true


By: SamBinzoa